Bank of the West Mobile App

In my role as the lead designer for both the previous app iteration and the recently rebranded version, I collaborated closely with a team consisting of visual designers (VxD), interaction designers (IxD), content strategists, and engineers

Our process involved extensive research, wireframing, and prototyping, leading to multiple design iterations. Upon finalization, we delivered high-fidelity comps, assets, and detailed redlines to the development team.

Given constraints imposed by working with a third-party software vendor, we had limited flexibility for structural changes, requiring us to ingeniously utilize existing code to achieve our desired user experience.

For the rebranding initiative, we focused on enhancing the visuals and introducing new features, particularly aimed at improving the Help section and incorporating customer-requested functionalities.

Our challenge was to implement UX updates while minimizing the introduction of new code. Leveraging our expertise from the previous version's UX design, we employed creative techniques such as image manipulation to add or hide UI elements. Additionally, we increased the number of icon tiles on hub pages for easy access to common features. Improvements in the Help section included dividing it by user tasks, with collapsible sections to manage content effectively.

User testing was conducted iteratively to validate the effectiveness of our new features and design enhancements.

Ultimately, we successfully delivered a refreshed app that not only boasts enhanced usability but also presents an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Throughout this process, I actively contributed to the full product lifecycle, from initial concept to the app's successful launch.

Bank of the West
Title: Principal Visual Designer /
Sr User Experience Design Analyst
  • UI Visual Designer
  • Prototypes
  • User Testing
  • Focus Groups
  • Iconography
  • Style Guide
  • Templates
  • QA and Testing