Bank of the West Mobile App

Acting as lead designer on the the previous app design as well as the recemtly rebranded app, I worked with a team of VxD, IxD, content stratagist and engineers. We researched, made wireframes and created prototypes for testing. After several design interations we passed off high fidelity comps, assets and redlines to the dev team.

Working with a third-party software vendor, we were limitied to only minor structure changes and UX had to cleaverly make use the existing code to create our desired workflow.

For the rebrand we upgraded the viuals and added some new features.

Rebrand effort:
Tasked with rebranding the mobile banking app, improve the Help section and add new customer features.

The challenge was making UX updates with introducing minimal new code.

Being part of the UX team that designed the previous version, we approached it by getting tricky with images. They could add or hide UI elements. We also increased the number of icon tiles within the hub pages. This provides easy access to common features. Dividing Help by user tasks improved the experience by having four show/hides with nested sections within. This kept each sub-section manageable. 

We conducted user testing on the new features and design iterations made.

We delivered a refreshed app that's easy to use and looks great.

I was involved in the full product life cycle, from concept to launch.

Client: Bank of the West

Title: Principal Visual Designer /
Sr User Experience Design Analyst

  • UI Visual Designer
  • Prototypes
  • User Testing
  • Focus Groups
  • Iconography
  • Style Guide
  • Templates
  • QA and Testing